I don’t want to shake this table. I intend to break it. No! Not because I’m better than anyone else, but because it’s God’s truth.

As I went through some status updates on my phone a while ago, I saw one that instantly caught my attention.

We’re quite smart in this country; no doubt. We spill so much common sense, we no longer take them too seriously. As a friend once told me, “we’ve turned it all to a ‘playing something'”.

YES! We play too much in this country. So, this status update I saw had a few words: “young girls getting hurt cos y’all playing the role of a wife too early cooking rubbish with big polo…”

The reply underneath was as witty as it was ‘on point’: “wearing hair bonnet and oversized slippers, they will now be asking, ‘baby semo or poundo?'”

Take a few seconds and read those lines again. Aren’t many of us on this table? I bet!

One of the reasons marriages don’t work these days is because many young people play the roles of husbands and wives too early. By the time the REAL DEAL comes, they’ve been hurt and broken too many times, they no longer believe in LOVE.

A young lady gets in a relationship at sixteen, and before she’s seventeen, she has already lived as a full house wife for a year.

She cooks, she cleans, she even conceives a few times, and probably undergoes a few abortions. By the time she’s twenty, she’s mentally, psychologically and emotionally drained.

A young boy somewhere is barely seventeen, yet he has lived with so many girls, he feels completely married. When the real commitment of marriage comes, he wonders why he can’t simply go back to his old style of living with different women every other week?

See the problem?

A friend once said anyone who is not READY for marriage shouldn’t DATE. I completely agree. What’s the point of DATING if marriage isn’t in VIEW?

As a guy, I shouldn’t ask any girl out of I don’t INTEND to marry her. I should ask her out because I want to see if she’ll fit into my expectations for a wife. I can’t intend to marry if I’m still struggling to pass WAEC, can I?

And as a young lady, it’s okay to ask a guy what his plans are when he asks me out. What’s NOT OKAY is the ROLE PLAYING. Where’s the sense in playing house wife and praying he eventually puts a ring on my finger? What if he never does? What if he gets tired one day and dumps me? What if he gets me pregnant, denies responsibility and absconds?

Are you currently in someone’s house right now, wearing oversized male t-shirts and playing wife? Please, receive sense, pack your things and go home. If you’re a student, pack your things and go back to the school your folks expect you to be in.

And if you’re a guy, and you already have a roaster of women who come to play wife to you every weekend, shouldn’t you think of a better way to plan your future?

Would you want to spend the rest of your life running from women whose hearts you’ve broken over the years? Remember, a wise man once said; “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.”

© Oselumhense Anetor, 2021.