Pop Culture is exactly what it is – popular culture. So it’s not surprising that many of our young people are influenced by the ‘Kayan Mata culture’ these days. It’s popular. It’s in songs, movies, social media – it’s everywhere.

Even though a good number of young folks don’t truly understand what kayan mata is, they simply ‘indulge’ because of the pressure to ‘belong’.

You’ll be amazed at the extent some of our young people are willing to go when it comes to dabbling in things that have become outrightly diabolical.

Before we drift, I’ll try to provide a definition of kayan mata. I looked through loads of materials and discovered that the etymology of the Hausa word breaks down to kaya (load/property) mata (wife). This means that Kayan Mata literally refers to a ‘woman’s things’.

However, the word now connotes a group of sexual enhancers for women. It originated in the Northern part of Nigeria, and its a generic name for all kinds of food, drinks, perfumes, herbs, or other things that stimulate sexual desire.

It is said that the goal of Kayan Mata is to ensure social stability by keeping couples happily married. The logic is that women who are able to sexually pleasure their husbands to the highest degree, will prevent those husbands from looking elsewhere.

My intention here is not to fault this logic. The logic faults itself, since marriage is hardly all about sexual pleasure. I would rather focus on the more worrying diabolical turn that Kayan Mata has taken in recent times.

Where Kayan Mata products used to be solely from herbal culture and experience, running into hundreds and hundreds of years, vendors have gradually shifted focus to the diabolical. Where the aim used to be ‘societal stability’ (so that wives could keep their husbands), it has shifted to pure economics and the pursuit of pleasure for itself.

The ‘mad rush’ for sexual enhancers today partly explains why almost ‘everyone’ has become a Kayan Mata vendor on and offline. I know many young people who wear all kinds of waist and ankle beads and wear all kinds of scents and perfumes simply because they see others doing so.

Apart from the health challenges associated with Kayan Mata (as with many other herbal products) there is a real spiritual danger involved in using the products.

No one truly knows what goes into the makeup of Kayan Mata. It’s always better to ‘err’ on the side of caution, and stay clear of them.

Over time, experience has shown that many vendors invoke all kinds of demonic powers into their products so that they can record massive patronage. It is even more so with Kayan Mata vendors.

I once encountered a young lady who would dance all night in her sleep and wake up exhausted. During counseling, she explained that her ‘all night dances’ started after she began using clothes belonging to her roommate. It took many sessions of deliverance to get her back to normalcy.

So my blanket advice is “stay away from Kayan Mata”. You do not need sexual stimulants to keep your marriage. If something is wrong with your sexual organs, consult your medical expert.

And before you wear any kind of beads, on any part of your body, do bless them. I’m sure you can find priests who are willing to say a blessing on your clothes, pendants, perfumes, etc. In this case, the blessing is to sanctify them rid them of demonic infestation.

Do not take the RISK of deliberately buying and using herbal products like love potions, ornaments like kayamata beads, and the likes.

Do not take the RISK of patronising online and offline vendors who claim to have solutions to all your sexual problems.

Remember, “curiosity killed the cat!”

God bless you!

© Oselumhense Anetor, 2021.