My people, no be clear eye I take dey fire dis message so ooo. The mata be say, person no even too know how man pikin suppose take write proper pidgin English grammar. I don tink dis mata so tey I grow bia bia. If you look the mata wella, you man no fit talk how man pikin suppose take spell pidgin vocabularies. Some go dey spell am like say na Queens English.

But wetin man pikin go do na, ehn? The only consolation wey we get for dis side be say some main men dey wey no slack at all. In so far say na pidgin you write ehn, dem go grab the mata like monkey wey grab banana. If you like o, use warri pidgin, if you like use edo pidgin, if you like sef use calabar pidgin, dem tanda gidigba for ground wella. Dem no shake!

I been dey hia say one prof been write pidgin english dictionary. I never see am ooo. You don see am? I no need to see am ooo. Becus dat kind wan go carry confusion come o. How you wan take tell calabar man say make him use dictionary? Shuo! How you wan take tell warri man make him go dey study pidgin grammar? E no go work ooo.

My people, I no wan make people begin yarn say I no get work. The truth of the mata be say my work heavy pass tipper wey carry gravel. I just say make I use koboko flog una mind small. Make una sef begin reason dis mata. I know say pidgin english get many ways to spell the same tin. But the truth of the mata be say even if you spell am as you like, we go still grab am. You dey feel me?

Na me fada Oselumhense Anetor dey knack una dis tory. Till another time, I still dey area. Area!!!

Rev. Fr. Oselumhense K. Anetor