Recently, I wrote an article On Kidnappings in Esan Land, Vigilante Politics, and the role of Traditional Rulers. One of my recommendations in that article was that all hands must be on deck so that we can focus on the common enemy of INSECURITY.

I emphasised the need to fully and extensively implement the anti open grazing law of Edo state, with traditional rulers and other community elders playing a pivotal role.

I also noted that we must strengthen the relationship between all agents charged with the security of Esan Land, so that they can more effectively engender long term results.

I then added that we must be more intentional about fishing out, arresting, and prosecuting all those who act as informants to kidnappers, whoever they may be, and whatever positions they may occupy, so that we can more effectively stand up to this menace that has now brought an entire nation to a standstill.

The Ojuromi of Uromi Kingdom has since then been out on several media platforms to unequivocally deny allegations of his involvement with kidnappers, noting that these allegations were from detractors who did not have the interest of Esan Land at heart.

I must commend the Onojie for this prompt response, as it has assured aggrieved parties to sheathe their swords and continue their work to root out all agents of insecurity in Esan Land. I am certain that as events continue to unfold, it’ll become clearer who stands where in this entire saga.

Interestingly, there’s now video evidence that some persons have been called out and named as aiding and abetting these criminal elements. Care must be taken to intensively and extensively investigate this matter, since those seen naming others in that video aren’t security agents.

One amongst them (Mr Asene Ogah) even described himself as an ex armed robber. I would personally take the testimony of an ex armed robber with a pinch of salt. Proper investigation by legitimate security agents must be carried out here to ensure that this exercise does not degenerate into a jungle justice situation, by questionable characters.

Finally, I encourage the Onojie and his elders, along with the DPO and the commanders of the Vigilante Units in Esan North East, to continue pushing the lid on this can of worms, till we get to the bottom of the matter.

God bless us all!

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