The law of progression states that once sexual attraction begins, and involved parties continue to hang around each other (without parental supervision) in intimate and secret places, then things could graduate from level A to level B. Wait o! We’re not done. Let me explain. Level A is sexual attraction (no touching; just mutual admiration and mutual ‘tripping’). Level B is sexual activity (kissing, touching, blah blah blah). Now don’t be deceived. You see how in the movies people just meet each other for the first time and they go out to see a movie; before the day ends there’s kissing and touching and all the other things? Don’t believe them; that’s make-believe. Real life is not like that at all. Anyway, back to our gist.

The law of progression also states that once level B begins, then things could accelerate. For instance, you might giggle and say ‘oh come on! What’s in a kiss?’ The next week, the kiss could translate to indecent touching and fumbling and rumble-tumble. The law of progression continues by stating that if things aren’t controlled at this point, then full blown sex might commence. Now, the last law of progression states that if nothing is done then sexual addiction can occur.

Rev. Fr. Oselumhense K. Anetor