The lockdown is taking its toll on everyone especially when it comes to staying home all day doing mostly nothing.

Boredom begins to creep in; and as the days become more predictable mental exhaustion sets in and progresses to the lack of interest to get anything done.

For some, being alone is a time to get creative—to finally exhale, and for others who would rather have people around, it is the brink of insanity.

So let’s consider some things to do while you stay at home:


Seek knowledge outside the conventional classrooms for free. Courses available include: personal development, project management, public health, programming, new languages and data management and the sites you could consider include coursera,,, and


Create or join online book clubs which set targets, critic and promote submissions. Some of these online book clubs include Goodreads, BBC world book clubs, Oprah Book Club 2.0 and Bookish.

You could also download book apps like Anybooks app on playstore and get unlimited supply of books for free.


Take a step from the norm of texting the same friends all the time. Scroll down your contact list and text that one friend you have always wanted to reach out to. Also, join new interactive platforms and engage in conversations about varying issues, games and tasks.


Your home could use a retouch—something inexpensive like colourful sticky papercuts, freshly cut flowers in waterpots made from plastic bottles and doormats woven with crochets.


You know those stuffs you have always wanted to throw out but never had the time to? Now is a good time to let it go.

And considering how much people are in want in this trying times, you could give some of it to those in need too.