Demons love tech, just like any bunch of adolescents. Before the cell phone was invented, they would mess with lights in a house or the television or other electrical appliances (and still do). People would come to us saying their house was infested because the electronics would turn off and on and do wild things by themselves. Sometimes they had faulty wiring, but other times it was indeed demonic.

Now, our team members, especially the priest exorcists, are sometimes getting text messages from demons. I have heard that other exorcists around the world are also starting to get them. The messages are typically snarky, arrogant, gloating and taunting. Of course, we don’t engage in a conversation with demons.

Recently the head of the Jesuits world-wide denied the existence of a personal evil, i.e., Satan and demons. He accepted a kind of abstract notion of evil but not evil beings with real personhood. All I can say is: he never got a text from a demon! That might change his mind.

Demons are enamored by tech. They engage in their demonic antics to scare us and to make themselves seem powerful. In reality, they are just the antics of an immature adolescent. Demons have no wisdom; they rejected God. They have much more raw intelligence than us, but without wisdom, they are shallow.

All these demonic texts only confirm for us the presence of demons. Their biggest asset is their invisibility and it is stupid for them to blow this cover. But, at times, they can’t help it. They are very impulsive and cannot control their vicious, gloating sadism.

I was glad we received these texts; it is self-defeating behavior. It lets us know where they are acting. When they expose themselves, I counsel the priests to respond with a prayer. All I can say to these demons is: Send more!

Exorcist Diary #28: Demons Texting Us!

© Msgr. Stephen Rossetti

Stephen J. Rossetti PhD DMin, has been the chief exorcist of the Archdiocese of Washington for over 12 years.  He is a priest of the Diocese of Syracuse and is a research associate professor at the Catholic University of America. He is a licensed psychologist and has spent 30 years working in psychological treatment and the spiritual renewal of priests and religious. He assists in the training of exorcists and lay team members. Msgr Rossetti has led hundreds of exorcism and deliverance sessions.