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I’m one of those your ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ guys. Don’t get me wrong!

I have a lot of zest and passion – but only at the beginning of new projects. This has been a pattern for me kinda. Which explains why I begin something today, and tomorrow I am gone without a trace (ghost mode).

Anyway, recently, I began blogging again (for the umpteenth time), and a colleague of mine in the blogging world opened my eyes to some amazing secrets.

Ordinarily, I would host a master class and ‘sell’ this knowledge; but… It came free, right? So, it’s only right that I give it back free.

If you’re a new blogger (or a website owner) chances are that like me, you’re struggling to get more and more people to be interested in your blog posts. To do that, you have to be aware of where to begin. Like, “do you know how much your blog is worth? Do you know how many people read your posts daily, weekly, yearly?

Secret number 1: Visit Worth of web today and you get to see all kinds of stats for any website, even yours. Thank me later.

Don’t go looking up sites like LINDA IKEJIS BLOG so that you don’t frustrate your dreams before they get a chance to take off (or on the other hand, maybe you totally should. The staggering figures might keep your blogging dreams alive after all). ‘Jejely’ check your own blog and move on.

You’re also probably worried about what to blog about? Don’t be like those newbies out there, who come into the game and deliver ‘rubbish’ in a mad rush to gain cheap relevance.

Secret number 2: Do keyword research.
According to my friend (in whose honour you’re receiving these free tips) BACKLINKO is the space you need to be. For these guys, “Keyword research is the process of discovering words and phrases that people use in search engines with the ultimate goal of optimizing content around those terms and ranking for those terms in search engines…” and they are absolutely right.

Keyword research helps you deliver meaningful content.

Now for my last-but-not-least secret…

Secret number 3: Backlinks
If you look carefully at this blog post, yes this one you’re currently reading, you’ll notice that some words (or group of words) are light brownish (or pinkish?). They are also underlined. This is not just so that they can attract your attention (I don’t deny it’s one reason), but more importantly, it is so that you can actually CLICK on them. They are links that take you to other sites.

For bloggers, backlinks are your citations, your references, footnotes etc. These backlinks tell search engines that all the ideas here aren’t mine. They also tell those external sites I’ve linked to, that someone right here is rooting for them. This can attract them to my site.

Follow these tips and your Search Engine Optimisation results will greatly improve.