According to a report by Jungle Journalist Yesterday, 25th April, 2020, His Grace Samuel Kleda, an Archbishop of the Douala Metropolitan Archdiocese and an expert in medicinal plant research with 30years experience, told the press that he had come up with a herbal mixture which allievated the symptoms of the Coronavirus when administered to infected persons.

The herbal medicine was originally for respiratory problems especially breathing problems, and was later augmented by the archbishop after further research.

In his words, Archbishop Kleda stated

Given that I already knew the plants according to the symptoms of corona I have simply put together these combinations, prepared them and given to persons with the symptoms and they were relieved

The effectiveness of the remedy was first observed when it was administered to front line staff of the Diocesan health services in Douala who contracted the disease after attending to patients infected with the virus.

The Bishop expressed his satisfaction as health workers who had taken the herbal mixture had fully recovered and stated that the mixture is available for infected persons in the premises of Codas Caritas in St Paul de Nylon at no cost

In reaffirmation, The Archbishop stated

Some nurses who had respiratory problems because they came in contact with Covid-19 patients took the product. Afterwards they were fine. All we want is that the persons should not die… My pleasure is that those who take the product are well, so I’m satisfied

The Archbishop later stated that it is important to exercise caution and emphasized the need for subsequent studies to prove efficacy. In his words:

…But, we need to be very careful, I am not implying I found a cure for the Coronavirus. Before affirming such, thorough studies need to be carried out and persons who took the medicine examined to be sure it kills the virus…

Rev. Fr, Israel GodsPower ANAWEOKHAI, MSP a Catholic priest in Douala confirmed this report stating that the number of recoveries have significantly increased since the administration of the herbal treatment.

In his words,

True speculation! He’s my archbishop here in Douala. Many of those who took the herbs having tested positive are well now.

In recent weeks Cameroon happened to be the 5th highest of COVID-19 cases in Africa, with Douala being the commercial capital, and Yaoundé the federal capital as epicenters respectively.

But thanks to the efforts of the likes of our amiable Archbishop Kleda and other health practitioners, both herbal and medical. The number of recovered cases have been on the high in the past days.

We continue to keep our faith strong, trusting God for His mercies over this pandemic

The Catholic health commission is partnering here with the ministry of health.

Although the WHO is yet to confirm this. But the ministry of health here has testified to it.

We hope and pray that as the number of those recovery from the virus through Archbishop Kleda herbal medicine continue on the increase, it will attract a global audience.

In the last few days, Cameroon has reported a steady rise in recoveries with 627 recoveries on the 25th of April and 786 on the 26th of April.


No medical personnel has confirmed these claims as at the time of this report. Neither has there been any official statements from the Cameroonian Government on the veracity of the claims. The general public is hereby advised to interpret with personal caution.