Thursday of the Fifth Week of Easter. (May 14, Feast of St Matthias, Apost.). Reflection by Rev Fr Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese). Acts 1:15-17, 20-26; John 15:9-17

God appoints people to serve. The higher the position is, the greater service one is called to shoulder. Think about the Pope. Why is he called servants of the servants of God? Because Judas Iscariot abused his position, and instead of doing God’s will, went after his pocket, he lost his God given office. Matthias is chosen to replace him in the first reading of today. God’s work must continue.

Friends, we must understand that we don’t own ourselves. Whatever positions we find ourselves, whether religious or secular, must be used in service of God and neighbour. If God is humble enough to elevate us to high positions of service, how then do we forget we are not supposed to be Lords? If Jesus calls us friends, why then do we find it difficult to make everyone friends? Let love reign in our hearts today that we may not lose our God-given positions Amen.

Good morning dear. God bless your weekend.

N.B: Please note that today, May 14th, 2020 (Feast of St Matthias), Pope Francis wants everyone of us to fast and pray for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking before the Regina Coeli on 3 May, Pope Francis said “since prayer is a universal value, I have accepted the proposal of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity for believers of all religions to unite spiritually this 14 May for a day of prayer, fasting, and works of charity, to implore God to help humanity overcome the coronavirus pandemic. Remember: 14 May, all believers together, believers of different traditions, to pray, fast, and perform works of charity”.

Our only weapon is PRAYER.

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