As reported by a Nigerian blog, Yabaleftonline, a young man who was initially declared missing has been found murdered and buried in Auchi, Edo State today, May 20th, 2020.

According to a confession by the assailant, Coma, he killed his cousin, Lateef over N2m which are proceeds from a land sale. Suspicious were raised when Lateef mysteriously disappeared after he was last seen alive with Coma, on his bike about a week ago.


The search for Lateef proved abortive until Coma attempted to transfer the money to his bank account after the account had been flagged by the bank as instructed by the family of the deceased. Coma was later apprehended and led the Nigeria Police to exhume the body from the shallow grave he had buried him

According to Coma’s confession:

He killed Lateef to get access to his N2million he got from land sales, and eventually collected his ATM card which he already had the PIN.

On Wednesday 13th may, Lateef was last seen with COMA on COMA’s bike.

In search for Lateef, COMA was arrested the following day by Lateef’s parents but he was released the same day as he claimed to have drop the boy at GTBank ATM.

Unknowingly to COMA, the parents of the deceased had already reported his account to Management of GTBank.

Today, May 20th, he was about transferring the money from Lateef’s account to his own account when GTBank alerted the parents. He was arrested there and has confessed to killing his cousin brother in order to gain his N2million land money.

These are trying times, it is advisable to be vigilant and careful.