Oselumhense Anetor, April 06, 2020. 9:40PM

If you’re a Christian, and you’ve had to answer this question, or you’ve asked this of someone, then you know that sometimes there may be as many answers as there are doctrines, beliefs and/or denominations.

Sometime ago, I sat down with Dominican Media’s Nonso to put the question in perspective from a Catholic perspective. In this talk show, we’ve attempted the very often asked questions surrounding the Pentecost experience of the Apostles in Acts of the Apostles Chapter 2, as well as try to provide answers that are based on scripture and years of Christian experience.

You will find that despite all that we have said here, we cannot fully understand the workings of the Holy Spirit. As you watch this, bear in mind that those who truly believe can and will always be enlightened by the Holy Spirit, who leads us all to the truth.

See full discussion below:

Must a Christian Speak in Tongues?

God bless you greatly.

Oselumhense Anetor.