If you had seen me yesterday on stealth mode, as I carefully moved in for the kill, you would have reached the conclusion that I was trained by the best hunters around.

No. I didn’t commit murder. I heard that shrill call of an Ọsẹn and immediately switched into hunting mode.

I slowly opened the door to my balcony, where the sound came from and, BEHOLD!

As soon as I saw the mature Ọsẹn, I couldn’t resist my instincts.

Mature male crickets are tricky. Though they come out of their holes sometimes, they stay closeby just in case there’s need to dash back in.

The fact that this one was far away from its hole meant only one thing – DEATH!

I removed a slipper, slouched low, observed the prey, and baam! The Ọsẹn fell comatose at my feet.

I couldn’t hide the satisfied grin that enveloped my face afterwards. Indeed, old habits die hard.

Back in the day, it was arduous to see one of these fully grown crickets, let alone catch it.

But as soon as night falls, the Rectory turns to an Ọsẹn factory. The crackle of crickets that make it to our doorstep every night is impressive.

Did you know that the shrill calls that male crickets make at nights is a mating call? Now you do.

And judging by the number of calls I hear each night, I’ll soon be opening a small factory that produces cricket powder.

And no, I didn’t make that up. Cricket powder is rich in protein. And yes, crickets are EDIBLE.

Hope you’re having a great day?

© Oselumhense Anetor, 2021.