He was young, he was handsome, and he was truly committed. Oh, did I mention his smiles? He always had one. And he was always throwing jocular jabs at me, even when I was angry. I first met him on the 10th day of September 2013, at St Joseph Catholic Church, Igueben. He was dressed as an altar Knight. Indeed, that’s what he was and still is. His name? Collins Ewaleifoh.

I remember how it broke my heart when I heard you had a bike accident. I remember how every one ran around trying to make you better. You went through the most painful surgeries. Even then, you kept telling me you were grateful to God. You always had a small good news Bible close to your heart. You gave me strength to believe. You never lost faith. Even when you had to sit on that wheelchair many months later, you kept up your positive spirits. You took it in good faith. You were a brave boy; a courageous one. And you would call me, even after I left Igueben, and tell me how happy you were just to be alive.

February 2nd was your birthday. At 10:48am, you wrote on Facebook,

“Today ooo I will lift up my voice in praise, bcus God has given me another second chance and another plus one. Am so happy, I thank God for his mercy, love, care, happiness, joy over my life. I am the most important person in the world.,happy birthday to me. @ Respest God.”

You wrote such a positive post, after having sat on a wheelchair for almost two years?

Collins, I am so sad by your departure. The news killed something in me. But I know that you’re resting in the Lord’s bosom. May God pardon all the sins you may have committed in your short life on earth, and may angels lead you to Abraham’s side. As you served the Lord faithfully here on earth, so shall you continue to serve him even in paradise. Sleep well. And God be with you till we meet again. We all miss you!

May your gentle, cheerful soul rest in peace. Amen.

Please pray for Collins… Light a candle and say a prayer…

Nota Bene: Collins slept in the Lord, at about this time, May, 2016.

Four years later, thoughts of him still bring tears to my eyes. God be with you, till we meet again.

We will NEVER forget!!!

Collins Ewaleifoh