Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter. Reflection by Rev. Fr. Oselumhense Anetor (Uromi Diocese)
Acts 13:44-52, Psalm 98 and John 14:7-14

In Esan language, there’s a song that reminds us that those who serve idols very soon become like those idols. But those who serve God can only become more and more like Him. It even gets better. Today, Jesus tells us without mincing words that those who believe in Him will not only do the works that He does but go ahead to do even greater works (cf.Jn.14:12). I have come across many people in different stages of demonic oppression and afflictions.

They are afraid and unsure like Philip. They want God to help deliver them. They pray and fast on a daily basis, yet their situations get worse. Jesus tells us that if we know Him, we know the Father (cf.Jn.14:7). What else could we possibly need? So stop crying. You have been under oppression too long. Begin to renounce your friendship and affiliation with those tiny, little, frightened demons. You have friends, close friends in high places. Begin to walk by faith. Walk in power and dominion. Take back your freedom from Satan. He has no right to it. Jesus gave it to you already. Why wait? Don’t you know that whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, He will do (cf.Jn.14:14)?

Father, I thank You for life this new day. I take authority and march on to glory this day. I take back my possessions, I restore my wasted years, and I claim my freedom in Christ Jesus right now, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Good morning dear; God bless your weekend…