The other day I wrote something about our ‘culture’ that somehow tolerates unfaithfulness on the part of men, and the weird belief that men are created unfaithful. Oh boy! It was an instant hit, especially amongst the ladies. The post was shared over and over again. As we speak, it has been seen by close to 6,000 persons; one of the most trending posts of mine ever. This is quite good. Men should never be made to believe they’re incapable of fidelity in marriage. The very idea is sickening. The present write up is to explore another dimension to the saga. Ladies please brace yourselves. Today na una turn. Why would anyone in their right senses want to be a side chic?

My aim is never to take sides, or become too sentimental over issues. My aim is merely to state the facts of the many situations I have seen unfold in my experience. It is a fact that some men are very great liars. Even when they are caught having an affair, they could swear on their living mother’s graves, and cross their hearts a thousand times. So for the benefit of doubt, let’s assume that most times, those ‘side chics’ are truly led to believe that the men they are currently with lied to them and made them believe they’re single…

However (and this is the point), some ladies deliberately make every effort to break marriages and topple existing relationships. No matter how loose married men get, they can’t have an affair with themselves now, can they? So where do these side chics come from? Are they ladies on a revenge mission? Are they desperate for their own man? Is it about the money? How can a young lady be having an affair with a man she knows is married? I mean, let’s call a spade a spade. Would she want another lady to do the same thing to her if she gets married tomorrow? I know of a situation where one lady was having an affair with her best friend’s husband. Can you imagine that? And each time, she would still put on a fake smile and go shopping with the same friend whose husband she had slept with many times. What a world!

A dear friend of mine told me how almost all the ladies on a movie set slept with their director. And each day the director’s wife came on set, they would gather round like mamiwater’s children and be shouting ‘welcome ma, welcome ma’ through semi pouted lips. What kind of game is that? Isn’t that a demonic game? Most ladies are very jealous and possessive, so they should know better than to try stealing another lady’s man. Right?

Friends, what I’m trying to say is that we need to get to the point where all hands come on deck. Men must strive to be faithful, and ladies should stop being side chics. Who even wants to be a side chic sef? It’s a lot better to admire thriving relationships, and pray that yours might be so. If you go after any man, with the aim of breaking his marriage, or coming between him and his ‘to be’ wife, you incur not only man but God’s wrath. And when these men come flirting around you, show them the door. Shikena!

Remember what the Pope said recently, “don’t dialogue with the devil.” That was the one mistake Eve made. After thousands of years, one would expect that we learned something from the Garden of Eden. Say no to ‘side chickness’ today!

God bless you!

© Oselumhense Anetor, 2017.