I’ve seen a video on social media with the tag “Disturbing Video”. Truth is, I never realised a time will come when we’ll be having conversations on beastiality. But hey! Here we are.

In this video, a certain comedian goes to Shoprite, and picks out a certain lady for a PRANK video. This lady doesn’t know she’s about to be pranked.

The comedian drops the usual lines in an attempt to introduce himself. He informs this young lady of his desire to chill with friends. He wants to know if she’s willing to chill with him and his guys.

The young lady doesn’t want to chill except she knows WHERE this chilling will be at. So the comedian drops the famous BANANA ISLAND as the location.

Initially, the young lady is reluctant. This is when the comedian adds the MONEY FACTOR. Take note of what is happening here; an amazing location with the promise of making money.

The conversation continues:

Young lady: “What am I coming to do?”

Comedian: “You’ll just chill with us nah. Then we’ll pay you.”

Young lady: “I can’t!”

Comedian: “Okay, see what’s going to happen. I don’t know if you can sleep with a dog for a hundred thousand.”

Young lady: “A what?”

Comedian: “A dog”!

Young lady: “I can’t, sorry. I can’t.”

Comedian: “So how much can you do it for?”

Young lady: “I can’t…ah. How would you want me to sleep with a dog?”

Comedian: “I will give you 500k to do it.”

Young lady: “No.”

Comedian: “500 thousand, cash.”

Young lady: “Sorry, I can’t.”

Comedian: “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Young lady: “I don’t.”

Comedian: “You don’t have a boyfriend.”

Young lady: “Yes.”

Comedian: “So what if I give you one million naira to sleep with a dog, can you do it?”

Young lady: “One million naira…”

Comedian: “One million naira cash. People are watching me too much and I don’t like it. Come closer.”

Young lady: “One million naira cash…”

Comedian: “I’m giving you one million naira cash now to sleep with a dog. Can you do it?”

Young lady: “Hmmmmm…”

Comedian: “It’s between me and you, no one has to know.”

Young lady: “But they will not video me sha.”

Comedian: “Nobody will video you. Nobody will video you.”

Young lady: “So where are we going to do it?”

Comedian: “I say we’re going to Banana Island.”

Young lady: “What kind of dog?”

Comedian: “I don’t have to tell you nau. Are you down? So we get going.”

Young lady: “But I need to know nau. You can’t just take me there and just… Do I know if it’s a local dog or…”

Comedian: “No no no no. It’s not a local dog. It’s a foreign dog.

Young lady: “Are you doing transfer or cash?”

Comedian: “I’m giving you cash. I’m giving you cash.”

Young lady: “Where are you parked, so that we can…”

Comedian: “My car is down there. So I don’t know, are you interested? Are you going to do it.

Young lady: “So can I just talk to my friends so that we’ll meet you guys…”

The conversation goes on, and eventually, the comedian tells the young lady that it is all a prank video.

This is when the young lady regains her senses. She immediately tries to convince the comedian that she was only joking, and she never meant to actually follow him to Banana Island.

The comedian then admonishes the young lady and tells her not to agree to such things just because of money. Then he gives her 30,000 naira to support her business.

Well, what do you think?

It’s actually a DUSTURBING video. There are loads of concerns arising from this one video.

This young lady was ready to practically follow a stranger to God knows where because of the PROMISE of one million naira and the PROSPECT of going to Banana Island.

I was particularly shocked because she was quite reluctant at the beginning. But as the amount of money to be made went higher, her conscience faced into the background.

This is not the time to berate her and delve into all the hypocritical stuffs we usually say at times like this.

It is rather time to weep for the soul of our dear nation Nigeria. This tells us that the average Nigerian has reached the point of DESPERATION.

We have seen worse things recently. Nigerians now engage in all kinds of atrocities in a desperate move to make money.

The high level of insecurity, kidnappings, ritual murders, cyber crime, and broad day light robberies, all point to this irrational quest for wealth.

What about the recent video that went viral on social media about another young lady who bragged on camera that she sleeps with dogs for money?

Let’s not even go into all the legal and medical issues that could arise from sleeping with animals.

We have sold our souls to the devil.

This video must instigate in us a spirit of genuine sober reflection.

Can we truly do just about anything for MONEY?

What will it profit us if we gain the whole world and lose our souls?

May God have mercy on us, and help us tame our propensity to be greedy. Amen.

© Oselumhense Anetor, 2022.