Young people aren’t the only ones who think they have too much energy to burn. We all get caught up in a web of excess energies sometimes. And you know, excessive energy tends to become negative energy. But there’s a simple (perhaps not too simple) way of channelling energy. Yes! Even negative energy. Think about it. But it requires commitment and determination. There comes a time in your life when you realise that parents can’t solve all your problems. There comes a moment of taking charge; of taking responsibility. And no, you can’t wish these problems away by masturbating, or smoking, or drinking, or engaging in one of those compulsive behaviours. You just have to deal with them. There’s no other way. It’s called growing up.

So here’s the thing! You need to learn to listen to your system. Then you need to learn how to interpret the messages that the body sends.

Many of us tend to agree that the most powerful energy is sexual energy. Yea? Especially young people. We’re sometimes overwhelmed with thoughts of sex. Don’t get me wrong. On the one hand, you have many thinking about and fantasising about how to have sex, what it is like to have sex, at what point is sex right or wrong, etc. This pattern of thought could lead to much use of pornography (pictures and videos), which in turn could lead to self abuse (masturbation), fornication, and blah blah blah.

On the other hand, there are the really scrupulous ones who spend all their time trying NOT to think about sex or relationships, or love etc. But they keep failing and they keep wondering why. Tell you what? The brain interprets these signals pretty much the same way. So whether you’re thinking about having sex or about how not to have sex, your brain simply registers SEX, and activates the portion that deals with pleasure and fantasy, and the results end up the same. For instance, if I say “don’t think about elephants”, what comes to your mind? Elephants! That’s my point exactly. The brain is like a child. It needs discipline.

We earlier said that we must learn how to listen to our bodies, right? And how to properly interpret what it is saying to us, right? This is absolutely important. When you feel pain for instance, realise that it’s pain, then ask yourself what it could mean. Are you getting sick? Are you wounded? What about sexual urges? Ahaaan! Dont run off in search of pornographic materials, or a sexual partner. Don’t just jump into action. Ask yourself why you’re getting these urges first? Have you been fantasising too much? Have you been sexting, or engaging in unholy conversations? Have you been avoiding stuff you should have done like yesterday? Writing your assignments, meeting deadlines, taking tough decisions, etc (you would be amazed how the body tends to interpret most stressors as sexual energy)?

So if you’ve been engaging in too much sexual fantasising or sexting, or naughty behaviour, you would need to stop. You must find a way to convince that little part of your brain that enough is enough. You need to sit that baby down and take control of it. You need to listen to what your body is actually saying. You need to realise that your brain knows there are activities you don’t naturally love doing; like reading, writing, studying, painting, exercise, etc. So rather than engage in these activities your body simply sends you an alternative – fantasy! Don’t buy it. You must learn to rewire your brain. Yes! Research has shown that the mind can actually alter brain patterns and brain waves. That’s why people get addicted to behaviours. That’s why some repeated behavioural patterns become compulsive. But again, that’s also why some seemingly useless people later become great achievers.

So is sexual energy the most powerful energy? Not at all! I think the most powerful energy is fear. Oh yes! Fear can paralyse or strengthen with remarkable swiftness. It can release adrenaline in some persons, which can make them perform super human activities. For instance, if a man is on the verge of committing adultery, and the husband of the woman comes in unexpectedly, sexual energy gives way to fear with immediate alacrity. This could give the man the ability to jump down from a storey building, and still run off with broken bones. Get the point? On the other hand, a proper understanding of fear can bring about resolve, determination and success. This is called courage!

Finally, here’s what you need to do. Don’t deny that you have these sexual energies. You’re not the only human being on earth (you would be abnormal without them). But your body is not telling you to go have sex anytime you get these sexual urges. Your body might only be reacting to your naughty behavioural patterns, or it might simply be trying to avoid stress, even necessary stress. That’s why you have to master your body. Go beyond the feeling and interpret what it means. Negative behavioural patterns must stop, issues must be dealt with, and the body must be taken through necessary stress.

Above all, pray to God for the grace to stay committed to this cause.

God bless you!

Copyright, Oselumhense Anetor 2016.