In a brief with journalists, the commissioner for Health of Lagos State, Professor Akin Abayomi reported that in the last two days officials who embarked on the active case search have identified 119 possible cases of persons infected with Coronavirus out of the 118,000 households visited.

He emphasized that a test would be carried out to confirm these suspected cases as other viruses could be reponsible for respiratory diseases.

The Active Case Search is meant to access and curtail the spread of the disease in Lagos state which currently has 214 confirmed cases which the highest in Nigeria.

In the brief, Prof. Akin said:

“We’ve embarked on an active case search in communities. The idea is to go to hot spots and go from door to door with our health personnel. 

“So far, in the last two days, we’ve visited 118,000 households and we’re looking for the typical symptoms of COVID-19. We’ve identified about 119 people who have the symptoms that are suggestive of COVID-19.

“But let me remind you that COVID is one of the viruses that can cause respiratory symptoms. There are many viruses.

“So, the idea is to take samples from these 119 and analyse them and that would give us an idea of how much COVID-19 activity is happening in the communities.”