I Pastor in a village; far removed from the urban area. Ordinarily, one would think we’re relatively safe, right? Far from it!

Watching “COVID-19 WATCH” on AIT this afternoon (Thursday, May 7, 2020) made me realize we may not be as safe as we think.

Two nights ago, I saw on one Esan News Social Media Platform, that scores of Northerners from Kano have infiltrated Ewu, Edo State. I immediately dismissed it as fake news.

But watching this report on AIT right now, I am forced to revisit what I had earlier dismissed as fake News. AIT reports that scores of Northerners from Kano and environs are coming into the FCT through bush parts.

Attah Ikharo, who is Chairman of the FCTA COVID-19 Task Force Team, said they are currently overwhelmed by the scores of Northerners coming into the FCT by commercial motorcycles. Imagine that? How can people travel for days using motorcycles?

In my further research, I discovered a brief but comprehensive report by ITv’s Ferdinand Osakue on how a Coca Cola Truck conveying several persons from Kano was indeed arrested by the Irrua Division of the Nigerian Police Force. Some of the passengers interviewed in the report attested to bribing many of the security agents they met on the way.

We must commend the Irrua Division of the Nigerian Police Force for responding promptly to the report of the Esan Social Media Group that went viral. They acted in the best interest of the residents of Esan Land by commandeering the truck load of persons to Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital for mass screening.

The worst thing is that the Landlords and Landladies are aware. One concerned neighbour had to call in the task force to report a certain Landlord who still took in a certain Northerner from Kano, into a house that already had over 20 Northerners.

This is serious!!!

Here in the village where I pastor, it’s not unusual to see scores of Northerners living in one compound. While I have nothing against Northerners (or any other ethnic group for that matter), I am certainly against ignorance, greed, and irresponsible behaviour.

If these folks can sneak into the FCT (which ought to be the seat of power), how much more other states?

Landlords must stop taking in new Northerners at this point. In fact, they must not give out one room to more than two persons at most. We can’t sacrifice our collective good health on the altar of greed.

As a good neighbour, please be vigilant. Report any houses (or Landlords) that are breaking the social distancing rule by taking in too many persons into small confined spaces.

Finally, security agencies must wake up to their responsibilities and place the interest of the Country above all else. How are scores of people able to travel in large vehicles across states without being seen?

A word is enough for the wise!

God bless you!