Earlier in the day, the NCDC took to its twitter account to make some corrections in the report given on the 3rd of April 2020. Previously the organization reported 26 new cases of persons who had tested positive to the coronavirus but there were only 25 new cases and the 26th case had earlier been reported and was mistakenly repeated.

It also stated that out of the 25 new cases, one which was reported for Osun State was actually a confirmed case in Oyo.

Therefore the correct breakdown according to states for the report done at 10:30pm 3rd April, 2020 is:

Lagos- 11
Osun- 6
FCT- 3
Edo- 3
Ondo- 1
Oyo- 1

Which brings the current situation of the pandemic to 209 confirmed cases, 25 discharged and 4 deaths

The NCDC regrets the error and assures Nigerians of transparency and accuracy in reporting infectious diseases in Nigeria